Squirrels Create Chaos in Canadian City

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Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, has seen a rise in the squirrel population which has caused a surge of damage to homes, electrical infrastructure and gardens. The squirrels are known for their ability to chew through insulation, wiring and woodwork causing expensive damage. They also cause power outages and safety risks to the public by chewing through power lines and transformers. The authorities have tried to address the problem by trapping squirrels and relocating them in rural areas, installing barriers around power lines, and educating residents about preventative measures for their homes and gardens. Nevertheless, increasingly the demand for squirrel control services in Halifax is rising.

Squirrels Create Chaos in Canadian City

Squirrels Create Chaos in Canadian City


Squirrels have long been a common sight in urban parks and gardens, but in one Canadian city they have become a source of chaos and frustration for residents. Halifax, the capital of the province of Nova Scotia on Canada’s eastern coast, has seen a surge in the squirrel population in recent years, with the animals causing damage to homes, gardens and power lines.

The Problem

The squirrels in Halifax have become a significant problem for residents in several ways. Firstly, the animals are causing damage to homes and gardens. Squirrels are known for their love of chewing, and they have been chewing through insulation, wiring and woodwork in homes, causing costly damage that can be difficult to repair. They have also been digging up gardens and flowerbeds, damaging crops and destroying landscaping.

Secondly, squirrels are causing problems with the city’s power supply. The animals have been known to chew through power lines and transformers, causing power outages and posing a risk to public safety. In recent years, power outages caused by squirrels have become more common in Halifax, with some residents experiencing several outages a year.

Thirdly, squirrels are causing chaos on the roads. The animals have been known to dart across roads, causing drivers to swerve and brake suddenly. This has led to several accidents and near-misses, with some residents claiming that they have had to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting a squirrel.

The Solution

Halifax officials have been grappling with the squirrel problem for some time, and have introduced several measures to try to control the population. These include:

  • Trapping and relocating squirrels to rural areas
  • Using squirrel-proof trash cans and bird feeders
  • Installing barriers around power lines and transformers
  • Educating residents about ways to prevent squirrels from accessing their homes and gardens

Despite these measures, the squirrel population in Halifax continues to grow, and officials are struggling to keep up with the demand for squirrel control services.


Q: Why are there so many squirrels in Halifax?
A: The region’s mild climate and abundance of green spaces provide an ideal habitat for squirrels to thrive.
Q: Are squirrels dangerous?
A: While squirrels are generally harmless, they can carry diseases such as rabies and can cause power outages and costly damage to homes and gardens.
Q: How can I prevent squirrels from chewing through my wires?
A: One way to prevent squirrels from accessing your home’s exterior is to trim back any trees or bushes that may be touching your roof or walls. You can also install metal mesh or other barriers around your wiring and insulation to prevent squirrels from chewing through it.
Q: What should I do if I encounter a squirrel in my home?
A: If you find a squirrel in your home, do not attempt to capture it yourself. Contact a professional wildlife removal service to safely remove the animal.